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Retrofit for the Future, Newport

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£100,000 of funding has been won from the Technology Strategy Board (TSB), in order to significantly cut energy use and carbon emissions through the retrofit of an existing house in Newport in South Wales. The house is one of 87 social housing units across the UK that the TSB have funded as part of the ‘Retrofit for the Future’ Programme. Housing accounts for 27% of UK carbon emissions. 80% of the houses that will be present in the UK in 2050 have already been built. Therefore, the performance of the existing housing stock must be dramatically improved to meet the UK’s target of an 80% reduction in carbon emissions by 2050.

The house is owned by Charter Housing Association and was built in the 1980s. It is
located within the city of Newport in South Wales and is an end of a terrace two storey house with two bedrooms and a garden. Three adults live in the house.

Computer modelling has been used to calculate that, following the works:
- Predicted Carbon emissions = 17 Kg/m2/year. This will be an 83% saving on current levels.
- Reducing the energy required will save the resident around £230 per year on their fuel costs. - The property will also be a more pleasant place to live in with improved thermal comfort and natural lighting, an increase in living space and more storage.

Works will be undertaken during 2010 and energy use will be monitored for 2 years following completion. Resident satisfaction and comfort will also be monitored throughout the process together with information from other team members. It is intended that successful elements of the prototype retrofit will be rolled out across the wider social housing stock.

Client : Charter Housing Association
Value : £70k
Programme: 2009-present

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